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ORBEA - New Occam SL & LT, New Laufey

Orbea has jusst launched their new Occam and Laufey platforms for 2024 and they look awesome!


The new redesigned Laufey offers a fun playful hardtail bike with 140mm travel up front.

Designed with a little bit of compliance into a frame which adds comfort and also helps the bike track the ground better, especially at speed. Laufey's magic handling and composure when things get gnarly comes from that tuned rigidity and every tube has been carefully designed to offer the most fun, responsive ride possible.

Laufey now has Lockr added to its downtube, which is a cargo bay. It comes with the new OC bag and enough space for all the essential tools and whatever you need for any ride!

Laufey has a slack, low slung frame with Steep and Deep to maximize maneuverability. Plus precision shaping of the chainstays to give lots of clearance for grippy 2.6" tires. That is the recipe for fun!


Orbea redesigned the Occam and gave it two new versions, the 140mm Occam SL, and the 150mm Occam LT. Both are trail bikes, but the SL version is more focused on pedaling efficiency (integrating remote lockout), and the LT is more on the all-mountain side of things with its slacker head tube angle and longer travel.


- 140mm/140mm Travel

- Lockr storage

- Remote lockout

- HT 65.5 degree

- Weight 24lbs

The SL is built to be a fast trail bike. This rig is something new for trail riders to experience and bridges that gap between XC and Trail categories giving you the best of both worlds.

Top models come in around 24lbs and have a dual remote lockout for the front and rear suspension.


- 150mm/160mm

- Adjustable Geometry

- HT 64 degree

- Lockr Storage

The Occam LT is almost as if a Trail bike and an Enduro bike had a baby. You get efficient pedaling that doesn't suck to climb with and you get a rowdy bike for the descents.

The LT is also featuring Attitude Adjustment which is a geometry flip chip that slackens and lowers the geo in 15 seconds.


Both versions are available in carbon or aluminum, and can be customized using Orbea's MyO program, so you can pick the right components and colors for you.


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