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New Norco Search XR

Road riding ain’t always endless ribbons of pristine asphalt. Sure, that might be the dream some people live, but the reality is, you almost never see it.

It’s sort of like family – Nobody we know is livin’ the Leave it to Beaver life. Everybody’s got hiccups, potholes and uneven surfaces at home. And, some folks enjoy the family they choose more than the family they’re given.

So, we built some quick, fun bikes for the dirt in everyone’s road ride, whether by circumstance or choice. Search, built for the imperfect roads you’re given, and Search XR for the off-grid adventures you choose.

The Search XR Aluminum is up for whatever spontaneous, uncharted, off-piste adventure you can conjure.

Whether you’ve put in months of planning, or you simply decided to turn right on a whim, there’s a Search XR built to thrive wherever your adventurous spirit and love of the long haul take you.


Sometimes, the open road you long to explore is closed. So, think outside the asphalt and prepare yourself for whatever route lies ahead.

Silky smooth, high-speed adventure and multi-surface excursions are never out of reach on the fine-tuned, versatile Search.


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